About US

Norditec Antriebstechnik Germany was founded in 1994 when it started coating timing belts. Over the years, with the help of its dedicated team, Norditec has developed into a leading supplier of special conveyor belts.

About UsOn a production area of 11,000 ft2 (3,000 m2) 60 employes produce customer-specific conveyor belts such as cam-belts, coated belts and belts treated with mechanical CNC-technology. Our already versatile product range is continuously expanding and as a result this brochure can only give you a global overview of our possibilities. Feel free to ask! Our R&D department is eager to develop new and innovative solutions in conjunction with our customer.

Our determined product and technology development and the improvement of traditional methods ensures our success.

About UasBeing awarded the Ludwig-Bölkow- Technology Award for the development of an endless silicone coating and the application for several patents also speaks for the innovative nature of the company.

From the headquarters in Germany and our Office in the U.S. we supply to over 40 countries around the world. With our fast processing we make sure delivery times remain as short as possible.


Norditec Antriebstechnik GmbH

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