Our product range

ProductsThe manufacturing of all our products is based on the purchase of industrially produced drive belts such as; timing belts, Poly- V belts, V-belts and belts that are refined into special conveyor belts.

Important basic equipment at Norditec includes:

  • PU spraying facilities
  • Vulcanising technology (presses and autoclaves)
  • Water-jet cutting technology
  • CNC-machines
  • Construction department and mechanical workshop for quick construction of production equipment
  • State-of-the-art plastics joining technology
  • Silicone coating equipment
  • Comprehensive belt grinding and coating machines

ProductsCustomization Techniques

  • Open ended and endless coating
  • Mechanical CNC processing
  • Cam welding
  • Special solutions

There is almost no limit to our capabilities to customize belts. If you have a special application and are looking for a solution, please
contact us.

In addition to the refining of timing belts Norditec offers the following services:

Equipment and Tooling

  • Welding presses
  • Portable belt cutting machines


  • Water-jet cutting
  • PU spraying
  • Measurment of electric conductivity

Standard components

  • Toothed pulley
  • Belts










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